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Hilltop Academy's Policies & Procedures

An up-to-date folder containing all relevant policies and procedures is available to read at Hilltop Academy. During your child’s settling in period you will be invited to read over the service’s policies and procedures. Upon reading the folder you will be required to sign a statement to confirm that you understand and agree to the policies and procedures outlined by Hilltop Academy.

  1. Statement of Purpose and Function

    • Key Personnel

    • Range of Services and Facilities

    • General Fee Payment Information

  2. Enrolment

  3. Authorisation to Collect Children (includes General Collection Policy

  4. Use of Internet and Photographic and Recording Devices

  5. Settling In

  6. Complaints

  7. Confidentiality

  8. Partnership with Parents/Guardians

  9. Data Protection

  10. Record Keeping

  11. Child and Adult Protection Policy and Procedure

  12. Child Development

  13. Child Observations and Assessment

  14. Code of Ethics – Working with Children

  15. Sleep and Rest

  16. Curriculum

  17. Outings

  18. Inclusion [Incorporating Equality & Diversity]

  19. Interaction and Communication

  20. Key Worker Policy

  • Outdoor Play

  • Managing Behaviour

  • Supervision of Children – Indoors and Outdoors

  • Transitions

  • Risk Management

  • Accidents and Incidents

  • Fire Safety

  • Healthy Eating [Incorporating Food Hygiene]

  • Infection Control

  • Manual Handling

  • Administration of Medication

  • Missing Child

  • Pest Control

  • Sun Safety

  • Toileting

  • Staff Absences

  • Recruitment

  • Staff Training

  • Supervision

  • Animal

  • Car Parking

  • Fundraising

  • CCTV

Click here to access our Policies & Procedures

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